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The el url shortener from Dalton Firth Limited

el is short for elf, but since I couldn't afford elf.me,
 - I opted for ejf.me and called the damned thing el!

Maybe one day I will be able to afford the whopping cost of a special-exemption 2 letter .me domain?


  • Some of my favourite shorteners use .ly domains. If the Libyan "government" ever decided to commandeer the domain, all hell would break loose
  • I don't trust the permanence of any free shortener. When I email a link, I want it still to work 2 years from now
  • I want the click-through stats for our social medial research projects.
    Note: we don't share or sell stats or any private data - privacy policy
  • I have plans to introduce some new features, some of them novel
  • But mainly... because I can!

Use it!


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